1. No forced induction

2. No dual engines

3. Must be single carburetor

4. No alcohol or nitrous - all nitrous bottles must be removed

5. No trans brakes

6. Engine type can be max cubic inch +.060 over bore: MINI TRUCKS- SMALL BLOCKS- OEM ENGINE.

7. Kill switch and drive shaft loops are mandatory on trailered trucks. Drive shaft loops need to be built out of substantial material.

8. Must run a steady 15 inches of engine vacuum (minimum) at 800 rpm for 30 secs.

9. Only 3 bolt-ons allowed that would include headers, carb and intake (as one), ignition, NO INTERNALS, no aluminum heads unless OEM.


36' or less D.O.T. (must have stamped size or measured by tech, if tire size on sidewall are removed tire will be considered a cut tire)


Pump only- Gas, propane, and diesel


No restrictions

Body, Frame, Suspension

1. OEM factory body

2. Must have full factory production frame and body, but body must sit in factory position. Body and frame do not have to be corporate matching

3. Fender well trimming 3" above OEM

4. Engine and axles must remain in stock position

5. Factory style springs and coils

6. Track bars allowed max 36”. 1 per corner optional.

7. All suspension components must be factory built

8. Must have factory glass

9. No cutting of the interior

10. Fuel tank and battery can be relocated

11. Rads can be relocated due to cooling issues

Safety: Must have the following

1. Passengers must meet the same safety requirements as the driver

2. Drive shaft loops- unless the vehicle is licensed to drive on the street

3. 5-point harness suggested

4. Fire extinguisher

5. Tow hooks front and back

6. Functioning brakes and steering