1. No forced induction

2. No dual engines

3. No nitrous - nitrous bottles must be removed


39.5 or less D.O.T. (must have stamped size or measured by tech, if tire size on sidewall are removed tire will be considered a cut tire)


Gas, propane, diesel and alcohol

Frame, Body, Suspension

1. Exhaust - no restrictions

2. Body must have full factory production frame and body, but body must sit in factory position. Body and frame do not have to be corporate match. Can be fiberglass as long as it looks factory.

3. All suspension components must be factory built

4. Body may be cut out but has to retain stock exterior appearance. Max 3” of cut.

Safety: Must have the following:

1. Minimum 4-point roll cage

2. 5-point harness and neck brace

3. Fire extinguisher

4. Functional kill switch on outside of vehicle

5. Drive shaft loops

6. Tow hooks front and back

7. Functioning brakes and steering

8. Scatter shield or blanket is mandatory in Pro Stock with transbrake.