1. Fuel injection, alcohol injection and duel carbs allowed.

2. No nitrous. Natural aspirated only.


1. No limit to combined body and suspension lift, tubed frames permitted.

2. Minimum 6-point cage

3. Must be safe to operate and pass inspection.


No paddles

44.5" and under


No restrictions

Body and Exhaust

No Restrictions

Safety: Must have the following

1. Minimum 6-point roll cage

2. 5-point harness and neck brace

3. Scatter shield or trans blanket: trans blanket not required if case is SFI approved (DRIVER MUST PROVIDE PROOF)

4. Fire extinguisher

5. Functional kill switch on outside of vehicle

6. Drive shaft loops

7. Tow hooks front and back

All safety mechanism's must be functional and in good working conditions.